Breakfast Seminar for Manufacturing: Understanding Digital Trends & Technology for Great Success

Are you having difficulty in connecting and reaching out to your customers? Are your data being locked in silos, in different systems that can never talk to each other? These are typical challenges faced by many of us, not unique to the companies in Manufacturing. It can be really hard to get the unified customer view with different systems, different data, across different platforms. But the right technology can help reduce friction, connect your systems, and improve the customer experience.

A group of professionals from manufacturing joined us for a breakfast seminar last month to learn how they can move from product and operational leadership to leading through a connected digital ecosystem. The event was held at the cozy lounge of Salesforce and was specially organised by CrimsonWorks and Salesforce to help more manufacturers learn how to become a Connected Manufacturer. There’s a pressing need to create a cohesive experience for their customers by connecting all of their different stakeholders - their employees, their partners, their products - working off one single view of their customer.

Breakfast seminar at Salesforce lounge

4th industrial revolution: connectivity

During the session, the participants had learnt about the power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact not only on our everyday lives and also for the manufacturing industry. The new wave of technology unleashes company’s ability to create a digital ecosystem around their customer. Those who are able to embrace and adopt technology augmenting human capabilities will win their customer and achieve better outcomes over time. Salesforce is at the forefront of this revolution that is fundamentally transforming every aspect of society — including how companies around the world sell, service, market, innovate, and connect with their customers.

Both global and local customer case studies were also shared by Salesforce representatives. With Salesforce, these companies were able to create a digital ecosystem around its customers across different functions and departments - all driven by a 360-degree view of the customer and powered by integration. The Customer Success Platform for Manufacturing is how Salesforce helped customers to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Manufacturing companies are able to connect to their customers across Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, and every customer touchpoint.

CrimsonWorks is a consulting partner of Salesforce that provides consultation and deployment for all Salesforce platform modules.

With CrimsonWorks, companies are able to obtain customised solutions to complement their preferred Salesforce modules based on their specific requirements.

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